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Integrated Care Management (ICM)

What is Integrated Care Management?

ICM DiagramICM is a wireless nurse call and communication solution designed to help residents of long-term care and/or assisted living facilities notify caregivers that they need assistance.

The key benefit of ICM is that it is completely customizable! There are different options available depending on the needs of your facility.

Code Alert ICM provides mobile event notifications, mobile event classifications, hands-free voice-to-voice communications between caregivers and residents, and remote text messages via Wireless Phones. With Code Alert ICM, a desktop unit is typically installed at a nurses' station or concierge desk, and mobile phones carried by staff members. Optionally, a phone set can be installed in each resident's living quarters and common areas such as dining rooms and hallways. When a resident pushes an alert button or pulls a cord in one of these areas, the central server forwards an alert to a designated phone along with the name and location of the resident. The caregiver can then communicate with the resident through the speaker on the nearest phone.

Similarly, Code Alert ICM helps residents alert caregivers that they need assistance wherever they happen to be inside of the facility. A call pendant with an alert button can be worn, and if pressed, the central server will send an alert along with the resident's name and location to the phone set designated by the facility. Here again, the caregiver can communicate with the resident through the phone set nearest the location of the resident.

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